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VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a way of using an Internet service provider for making phone calls that bypass your local telephone company. Solution providers for VOIP Internet services (such as Skype and Vonage) use phones that ring and have a dial tone just like any other telephone, but calls are passed through your Internet connection. It started a few years ago (mostly for business use) and its growing popularity will help lower the cost of phone communication, especially long distance charges. If you have a son or daughter overseas, VoIP can save you a great deal of money over the year.

Cable modems are the preferred choice for VoIP service; since DSL uses a phone line for operation, you'll still need to keep an active traditional phone service. Call quality and ease of use of VoIP are the most important considerations when choosing a service; most agree that voice quality is nearly equal that of a regular phone, and much better than a cell phone. VoIP service and solution provider for internet phone - Skype One big advantage that Skype offers is the ability to call another phone - not just another computer on the internet.

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